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Holston United Methodist Home for Children presents “Unconditional!”

Unconditional is an encouraging faith based story of two friends who drift apart as they grow older and through a series of events are reunited later in life. Intertwined with many facets of life we have all experienced…love, acceptance, struggle, faith, hope and much, much more…this movie is inspired by true events in the life of “Papa” Joe Bradford, who will be attending as a special guest for the evening.

Mr. Bradford earned the title “Papa Joe” from the many fatherless children he and his wife, Denise, ministered to in their inner city Nashville neighborhood. At HUMHC we are especially touched by his heart for children struggling with life’s challenges. As advocates for children in need, we want to be a part of sharing the story with our community.

Our guests will be able to enjoy Unconditional on the Capitol Theatre’s new state-of-the-art laser projector which will provide a phenomenal viewing experience. Along these same lines, the Capitol is continuing to forge ahead with plans in the upcoming months to renovate the marquee. They are persistent in their endeavors to make the Capitol a beacon of light for the city of Greeneville. We thank them for being an integral part of our community and sponsoring this event for us.

The event will take place on Friday, April 7th at 7pm. There is no cost to attend and concessions will be available for purchase. Those with groups attending are encouraged to call ahead in order to secure seating. Otherwise, seating is first come, first serve. Afterward, we are honored to have Papa Joe speak as our special guest. There will also be a drawing for three lucky people to win one of Papa Joe’s autographed books.

At Holston Home we want to strengthen families and inspire kids to be the men and women God made them to be. We desire the same things for our own families and our incredible neighbors across Greene County. Unconditional is a real and uplifting story of tragedy and disappointment turned into triumph and restored faith that will be an entertaining and fun night out for families in an iconic setting of vintage Greeneville.

Visit YouTube to view the trailer and learn more about the movie. You can also visit Holston Home and the Capitol’s FaceBook pages as well as our websites at and Call Laine Howells at 423-787-8790 for secured seating.

Please join us as we experience a little of what life was like for Papa Joe Bradford and how he reached out to children in need through the love of God. We look forward to seeing you there!