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United Prom 2020 (FREE Drive-in Prom) at the Greene County Fairgrounds

All local high school seniors are invited to a drive-in prom following cancellation of traditional proms due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
     United Prom 2020 will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday, May 23, at the Greene County Fairgrounds.
     Community volunteers are organizing the event in accordance with state guidelines to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. No more than 4 students will be allowed in each car, and students will not be allowed to leave their cars except to use the restroom or have their prom photos taken.
     Entertainment includes special music by Radio Greeneville's 95.5 The Jewel and interactive online games using cell phones led by DJ Robbie Britton.
     Free photo shoots will be held throughout the night at the Prom Photo Studio on the Fairgrounds Main Stage. Free copies of the photos will be provided.
     Keepsake prom tickets will be available for each student who attends.
     The theme of United Prom 2020 is “We Can Build This Dream Together,” a lyric from the 80s hit “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship.
     The lyrics, which seem appropriate for current events, include: “Let the world around us
Just fall apart, Baby, we can make it, If we're heart to heart. And we can build this dream together, Standing strong forever, Nothing's gonna stop us now. And if this world runs out of lovers, We'll still have each other. Nothing's gonna stop us, Nothing's gonna stop us now."
     More volunteers and sponsors are needed to make this event extra special for the students.
     Organizers invite local high school teachers to be volunteer chaperones.
     Anyone who would like to offer their support by being a sponsor or volunteer can contact Chan Humbert 423-329-7400 or Amy Rose at 423-525-7199.
     More details will be announced as they become available.