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Greene County experiences four very distinct, mild seasons. This comfortable weather creates amazing, picture-perfect views and allows residents and visitors to enjoy the limitless outdoor recreational activities of the mountains.

Average annual rainfall: 43.1 inches*
Average annual snowfall: 11 inches*

Average Temperatures^ High Low
January 48 degrees 27 degrees
April 70 degrees 43 degrees
July 87 degrees 64 degrees
October 71 degrees 45 degrees

* Source:
^ Source:

Summary of Greeneville/Greene County Taxes

Tennessee has no Personal Income Tax

Property tax per $100 assessed value:

  • City – $2.1775
  • County – $2.0145 (outside city limits)
  • Combined City/County $4.1620 (County rate is reduced for Greeneville residents)

Property is assessed by the following methods:

  • Residential & Farm Real Estate– 25%
  • Commercial/Industrial – 40%
  • Personal property tax – 30%

Sales Tax:

  • State – 7%
  • Local – 2.75%
  • Food - 4%

Hotel/Motel Tax:

  • County – 7%

Wheel Tax:

  • All county residents pay a $55 wheel tax for each registered vehicle

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the tax burden in Tennessee for both businesses and individuals is among the lowest in the nation and lowest of all southern states.  For more detailed information on taxes in the county, visit  For more information inside the city limits of Greeneville, visit  

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